Africa Rising: Fashion, Design and Lifestyle from Africa

Africa Rising: Fashion, Design and Lifestyle from Africa

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African fashion and design is colorful, unconventional, fresh, elegant, and self-confident. Africa Rising showcases the work of young creatives from the continent’s vibrant metropolises.

Africa’s young, self-confident creative scene is attracting worldwide attention and its work is showing the continent in a new light. Its dynamic design and fashion, as well as the products of its other creative industries, constantly surprise with their unique combination of innovation and tradition. African design, like that of other regions, often reflects or acts as a catalyst for social and economic developments.

Interdisciplinary artists such as Die Antwoord and Xander Ferreira have made names for themselves well beyond Africa’s borders. Their work and that of their contemporaries redefines African creativity and calls stereotypes and clichés into question. Africa Rising is a compelling exploration of this scene’s talented pioneers and their outstanding projects.

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Publisher: Gestalten
Release date: 2016
Format: Hardcover
Dimensions: 10 x 12”
Pages: 256 pages
ISBN: 978-3899556414